A place to showcase my work. My range of interests covers a broad spectrum, ranging from my main focus, handmade jewelry, to drawing, painting, photography and fibre arts. 

I am a self-taught artisan who enjoys both the challenge of learning new techniques and honing the skills I have has already acquired. I originally started out with learning how to wire wrap and my interest and grown from there. The jewellery techniques I practice range from wire wrapping and weaving to metalsmithing, fold-form, recycling/upcycling, enamelling and metal clay. The fun of shaping and forming the metals bring me many hours of  enjoyment, and I use these techniques to produce unique and unusual designs in metal.

My more recent endeavours have seen me learning how to weave. The first type of weaving that I leaned was making bands on an Inkle loom, building my first one out of a cardboard box and dowels. My significant other then built me two Inkle looms. I then discovered Rigid Heddle weaving and that was the next style of weaving I learned, again my significant other built me a loom so I could try this type of weaving out. Eventually I purchased a rigid heddle loom and have just been rolling along with that. Being bitten by this weaving bug, I joined my local arts club where one of the disciplines taught is weaving. Signed up and took a course on four shaft weaving on a floor loom and really enjoyed that. After acquiring a used floor loom I am continuing to practice and learn more of this style of weaving.

Some of what I have available to purchase can be viewed on my online store, https://gwendlyn-goulet-jewelry.square.site/

My work is also now available in the following location:

Timber Village Museum (located at the Marine Park), 1 Hagger Road, Blind River, ON https://www.brmarinepark.ca/museum